Politically Speaking — October 18, 2022

October 18, 2022

Great point from Gunnery Sergeant Mark Broadway, USMC, retired, of Dix. He wrote, “Another great column. Reminds me of another saying that can be applied to DEMS/MSM (main stream media). The truth is but a lie undiscovered.” Thanks, Mark.

On to the United States House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack. They unanimously voted to subpoena Trump. It’s another Democratic witch hunt, nothing more, in my opinion, than another “Russia, Russia, Russia. Frankly, people, I don’t think the thinking American people really give a damn. And I don’t apologize for sounding like Rhett Butler in the famous movie, “Gone with the Wind,” when he so appropriately said “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I truly believe the American people have bigger problems than worrying about what a group of corrupt Democrats and a couple of Republicans think. These are people that were handpicked to stage another trumped up charge against Trump.

I can tell you that the number one issue on most Americans’ minds is the crushing inflation caused by Joe Biden and his groupies, along with his puppets like JB Pritzker and their tax and spend policies.

There were a number of quotes from Liz Cheney at the end of the hearing, none worth repeating. Chair Bennie Thompson did say at the close, “We have left no doubt — none — that Donald Trump led an effort to upend American democracy that directly resulted in the violence on January 6. So we want to hear from him.”

Bitter loser Liz Cheney chimed in by saying, “Our duty is to our country and our children and our Constitution. We are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion.”

Let me remind everyone that there was not one person that served on the committee that was unbiased and would each have been disqualified in any legitimate trial in any court in this land. What a hoax! More and more people are getting wise to this.

My suggestion to the committee would have been to start with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The number one question to her should have been: Why, when Trump came to you prior to the January 6th hoax and offered help with the National Guard to assure the safety of the U.S. Capitol Building, did you turn it down? Even CNN asked the question.

Usually, someone that’s planning a takeover doesn’t offer help to prevent it! I realize that it only makes common sense, but I can’t think of anyone on this commission that has any.

It would have made better use of taxpayers’ money to investigate Biden, his administration and his son, but that would not have been in the committee’s best interest. They’re all, in my opinion, as corrupt as Biden.

Oh, the webs they weave. This group’s anger and contempt for Trump says it all! None of this adds up.

On to “Tulsi Gabbard, as she leaves the Democratic Party, and cites “Wokeness” and hostility as part of the reason. Last week on October 11, former Hawaii Congresswoman and 2020 Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced she’s leaving the Democratic Party, citing a long list of reasons. Among them, she said, “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoke anti-white racism, and actively work to undermine our God-given freedom.”

She also unleashed a litany of condemnations against Biden and Democrats, focusing largely on the party’s infringement on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Gabbard pointed out Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for proclaiming the Supreme Court (the highest court in the land) as illegitimate just because they disagree with their rulings.

Gabbard also pointed out the party’s adoption of critical race theory, efforts to defund the police and rising crime, and the “self-identified Marxists.” She pointed out Lori Lightfoot of Chicago refusing to be interviewed by a white male reporter due to his “whiteness and maleness.”

She continued to say they can no longer define what a woman is and condone males playing on women’s sports teams. And on and on.
In closing, I had someone ask me not too long ago, “I thought you were a Democrat,” and asked, “Why did you leave the party?” The answer was somewhat complicated.

My answer was simply, “I didn’t. The party left me, years ago.”

I will also point out my family, especially my father, were strong Democrats. But keep in mind, in my opinion, as the Republican Party has changed and split in two, the Blue Blood Democrats that do still exist probably would agree with Tulsi Gabbard and everything that the Tulsi Gabbards are against.

Until next week.

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