Politically Speaking – May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

A Party Divided

Ouch! Sanders has flat out said if he is elected president, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not be the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

There’s a lot of friction in the Democratic Party, which I find interesting because they should have learned something from the Republican Tea Party.
Ms. Schultz, Barack Obama’s handpicked puppet, has followed through with her boss (Obama) and has become another great divider of the Democrats.

Hillary is running around saying, “I will be the Democratic nominee.” Not so fast, Ms. Clinton! And Billy is pointing out that his wife is being treated disrespectfully by the Sanders camp, in essence saying to Bernie, step aside and support “the queen.”

Flash back, folks, to 2008 when Hillary was saying the same thing Bernie’s saying today. In other words, my point is it’s not over till it’s over! Although it’s likely Hillary is right and she’ll probably be the Democratic nominee, I wouldn’t put my last dollar on it. In my personal opinion, even though I’m not in the Bernie camp, I think the Democratic Chair and Party establishment has been unfair to Sanders.

I’m looking at the delegate numbers, not super delegates, and it’s close. As of last Sunday:

Clinton delegates 1,768; Sanders delegates 1,494.
Clinton super delegates 525; Sanders super delegates 39.

There are only 712 delegates remaining so neither will reach the magic number with regular delegates. These numbers alone should give the Hillary supporters and the Democratic Party reason to pause. Is Hillary the people’s choice? Plus on June 7, the last big primary day, I believe the numbers, minus super delegates, could flip. Time will tell.

In the beginning of this election cycle I said this go-round it would be very different. It has been and I’m sorry to say it could get worse.

So what’s next? Hillary ads are using the woman card and targeting the female vote. Unfortunately, some portions of the ads have been taken out of context. And don’t be shocked if Michelle Obama doesn’t hit the campaign trail, looking to pull in the black female vote, especially the young voters where Hillary remains weak.

While Democrats are suffering a great divide, with Bernie supporters saying they won’t vote Hillary, when you put the numbers together they’re showing Bernie Sanders has a much greater chance of beating Trump by far over Hillary Clinton.

Hillary said Sunday she thinks Trump should release his tax returns. I sort of think she should release all the emails and her Wall Street speeches.
But leaving you with a thought on Socialism: Take a good look at Venezuela, the sixth richest oil nation in the world. This once progressive country has fallen into violence, a hamburger costs $170.00. Women are being asked to not use hair dryers because of lack of power. People are protesting against rationed food.


What does this have to do with anything? Plenty. Bernie Sanders is a proclaimed socialist, but in reality, so is Hillary Clinton. She just doesn’t claim to be!

In closing, I believe we’ll witness the ugliest Presidential race of all time! Needless to say, the winds could continue to shift, leaving it virtually impossible to predict.

Until next week.

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