Politically Speaking – May 2, 2023

May 2, 2023

Starting with Illinois news… Chicago is a city with strict gun laws and a huge crime rate, thanks to the city’s progressive lawmakers, especially the mayors that are, in my opinion, totally unfit as role models in any capacity. Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot had a terrible track record. And when we thought it couldn’t get worse, in came Brandon Johnson to give you an example of good leadership (excuse the sarcasm). Around April 15 when hundreds of teens caused havoc and chaos in downtown Chicago, destroying stores, breaking windows, attacking tourists, smashing car windows, firing guns on the streets, and sending locals running in fear, progressive Democrats like State Senator Robert Peters defended the action as excusable because it was simply a “mass protest against poverty and segregation.” Wow! And then Chicago’s newly elected Mayor Johnson — who’s not just progressive but woke — warned against “demonizing” this violent teen takeover of the Windy City’s downtown area. Johnson, who was a former teachers union organizer, claims these are harmless teens who clashed with cops, beat people, set cars on fire, and destroyed property that resulted in shootings and more than a dozen arrests.

He also stated, “It’s not constructive to demonize youth who have been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

Yet Johnson said prior to that his goal was to “improve public safety and make Chicago livable for everyone.”

Thanks to social media for another positive weekend event. Sadly, I believe social media is one of the worst things ever created, and my old saying is, live by social media and your reputation will die by it. The weekend chaos by teens was formed on social media, and Johnson is now facing the backlash on social media.

Many are saying that Johnson’s reaction to unrest caused this latest riot. However, I also think bad parenting or lack thereof contributes to this type of behavior.

Moving on to election 2024. How lucky we are! I can’t even imagine the rest of this term with Biden, let alone another four years; after all, Kamala Harris is in line.

Biden announced his 2024 reelection bid by saying, “Let’s finish this job.”

It’s alleged he faces a smooth path to winning his party’s nomination, with no serious Democratic challengers. That speaks loud and clear of the party.

Biden said in March of 2020 as he campaigned in Michigan with younger Democrats including Harris, Cory Booker and Gov. Gretchen Whitmore, “There’s an entire generation of leaders you saw stand behind me. They are the future of this country.”

God help us!

With Biden, Harris and the rest of the Democrats like AOC, Booker, there is no future.

Biden and his handlers have, in his short time in office, done everything I would do if I wanted to destroy the nation. Do they really care more about party than our country?

Until next week.

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