Politically Speaking — May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022

You’ve got to love Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Last week she said, “We need a (GOP) Republican Party, not a cult. Somehow, coming from her, I personally found it somewhat amusing!

To add to the humor, I heard some people complain about the high gas prices. I get it, but when asked what they attributed the high prices to, they all looked at me and said, “Well, the war, of course.”

Then when I explained that Joe Biden closed the Dakota pipeline within 24 hours of taking the Presidential oath, and to this day continues to do harm to the oil and gas industry, it simply didn’t compute with them.

Thank goodness, a lot of those that voted for Biden are finally getting fed up! The polls speak loud and clear. At this point, Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to another low. It stands at 39 percent as Americans continue to express concern about inflation, struggling to buy gas and feed their families.

In my opinion, even with the controversy of Roe v. Wade, the economy and inflation will be a major factor in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Republicans — in Nancy’s words the CULT — are poised and ready to take the house of Representatives and the Senate.

But moving back to Biden and his worthless promises to ease the problem with gas and food prices, he’s somehow only making things worse.

You might find it interesting to learn on May 10 Biden pulled three offshore oil lease sales. That will curb new drilling for this year.

With the nationwide offshore drilling program expiring at the end of June, oil companies face even more uncertainty. Looking at gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska that had been scheduled to take place, this could take millions of acres off the auction block. This decision comes as U.S. gas prices have reached record highs.

The Biden Administration is willing to let the nationwide offshore drilling program expire without a new plan in place.

Environmentalists of course, are praising this move, while others fear wrecking our total economy even further.
This move, in my opinion, is nothing more than just another sign of blatant disregard for Americans struggling with the highest inflation in 40 years.

So for those of you who are misinformed, the high gas prices aren’t caused by Ukraine. They have been caused by Biden and his handlers and an inept ability to do what is best for Americans, or is it part of a master plan?

I predicted early on gas prices could reach $5.00 per gallon. I hate to say it but I think I was wrong. I’m predicting with Biden’s latest move we could see $7.00 per gallon possible by the end of the year.

In November 2022, I strongly suggest you vote with your children’s and grandchildren’s futures in mind. If we stay on track with the current party in control, your descendants may not have a future.

Leaving you with this thought: As we all know there is a huge shortage of baby formula. Biden has said he’s stepping in to solve the problem. I pray he does what he says he will do on this one. I can’t imagine what these young families are going through. Until next week.

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