Politically Speaking – May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023

Title 42 ended Thursday, May 11 at midnight, but we in Illinois don’t have to worry. Governor J.B. Pritzker was prepared for the illegal migrant surge. For those of you who have no issue with this insanity, you might be interested to know Illinois leads the U.S. in exonerations. Pritzker said the State of Illinois will do everything it can to help these illegals sent to the U.S. from the southern border. Pretty good for a state that isn’t far from bankruptcy. He continued to say that Illinois is prepared to fulfill “our obligation as Americans.” Excuse me, but these illegals are, in my opinion, not my obligation. My obligation is to my family, coworkers, friends and fellow Americans that need my help, as well as the homeless American veterans that we owe so much to.

What I find interesting is Pritzker hasn’t a clue how much the death rate (caused by drug overdose) has risen among our young people. Or what this has cost our medical system, which has been drained by these illegals, with us footing the bill. Or how our school system has been affected by students that can’t speak English. Or what it’s costing the taxpayers to house these lawbreakers, feed them and fill their needs. All this comes at a time when hardworking American families are having a difficult time making ends meet for their own families and providing for their own needs.

As far as I’m concerned Pritzker is worse than Joe Biden because Pritzker knows what he’s doing. Poor Joe doesn’t know what days it is and can’t complete a sentence, let alone know where he is!

But not to worry. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear that while this surge is going on and Biden is scheduled to be out of the country, he will be closely consulting with Vice President Kamala Harris on this issue. Remember, Kamala is in charge of the southern border, but at this point she hasn’t been to the border. But again, not to worry, because when it comes to issues that affect the American people, Biden and Harris are very much partners.

Moving on, according to CNN, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are at rock bottom, speaking well of Biden supporters waking up. CNN said there’s no other way to slice it. Donald Trump right now is the clear White House front runner for 2024.

Biden’s approval rating is at 36%. Only 32% of the respondents believe the incumbent has the mental capacity for a second term.

And speaking of CNN, let’s revisit last Wednesday’s town hall featuring former President Donald J. Trump with CNN’S own Kaitlan Collins at the mic. It was set up to be a hit job on Trump and his reelection plans, but judging by how the public responded, it backfired!

Trump had Collins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She was absolutely no match for Trump, and I can assure you, after 58 years in media and with 17 years in broadcast and being very experienced in live broadcasts at the mic, I would not be a match for Donald Trump. No wonder he’s the best at dealing with foreign affairs.

So to CNN, I can only say thanks, you just helped Donald J. Trump possibly win the Presidency.

On a positive note, the Senate last week approved an override of Biden’s move last year to allow Chinese solar panel makers to avoid tariffs for 24 months in a bipartisan 56-41 vote. The House passed a companion resolution with 12 Democrats voting in favor.

Closing on a final thought: Starting last week, thanks to Biden, his handlers, Obama, Soros and the rest of them, we will watch the rise in crime and drug deaths, the collapse of our medical system, housing problems, higher taxes, overcrowded schools, and a collapse of the American way. On the eve of the end of Title 42 on May 11 Joe Biden wasn’t there, Kamala Harris wasn’t there in her white pantsuit, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas wasn’t there. There should be a call to impeach Biden, Harris and Mayorkas.

Because of their actions, tens of thousands of illegals from 160 countries are crossing our borders. God help us!

Until next week.

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