Politically Speaking – March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016

Anti-Trump groups met last week and spent millions on anti-Trump ads to stop him. Because he is unstoppable now, Trump haters are turning to an open brokered convention as the answer. If that happens, hold on. We all could be in for a bumpy ride because all these paid protestors and the Republican establishment are creating more support for Donald J. Trump.

Most view these actions as anti American, going against what this country is about — Democracy. Everyone needs to start thinking about country instead of party, greed and power.

Let’s face it, at this point from what I’ve seen, why have an election if it doesn’t mean anything? This whole procedure has become laughable that the protestors and establishments are saying Trump is a disaster!

Disaster is the word I would use for Obama’s seven years: Illegal executive orders, actions on religion, pitting Americans against Americans, the great divider, ineffective foreign policy. And of course, Hillary will give us more of the same. And who doesn’t understand that! The rise of Trump and Sanders is because of this and is a revolt against each party’s establishment practices. Fact is, Trump’s the favorite to win in the upcoming caucuses and primaries. It’s a given in Arizona and New York.

Today, I’m hearing more and more people say, “I haven’t ever pulled a Republican ballot.” Today they are. Personally, I believe it’s a vote against the establishment and a vote against Clinton. Is it a ploy? In some cases, yes, but certainly not in all.

So are we on the road to a brokered convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July? I’ve said all along, yes.

As far as the Democratic Party, that’s already fixed through super delegates — a pre-brokered convention. And of course, if the Feds would do their job, Hillary and super delegates would be a moot issue. So what happened to democracy? When did we as a country start going wrong? In my opinion, well over 30 years ago.

Today it seems only liberals have rights. They can block roads illegally, because they don’t own a gun. They work hard to stop anyone from owning a gun. They can take over airports without consequences because they want abortion rights. We as Christians have to deal with the murder of millions of unborn children. There is an all out assault on Christianity in this country. Protestors destroy instead of protesting, just to make a point. Enough is enough!

On to Obama’s choice for the appointment to the Supreme Court. Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland last week as the Republican establishment dug in their heels. Shockingly, enough, Garland is a moderate but would take away our gun rights. The problem I see, why not just follow due process and there’s no problem. That process could and would take over a year as fast as Washington’s rocket scientists move, and a new President will be seated. Or if Hillary is the next POTUS, she can appoint Obama; then we have to put up with him another 20 plus years. What is Mitch McConnell thinking?

In closing, the liberal media Sunday talked about Hillary’s loud and shrill voice and that comments on this were sexist driven. Frankly, as per the flaming liberals, this criticism of Hillary is always sexist. If anyone is sexist, it’s Hillary.

Frankly, I’ve had my fill of politicians, is it time for a business person with a brain in the White House?

And last but not least, Obama arrived in Cuba Sunday. Let me give you a heads up. My prediction: A deal will be struck to give Gitmo back to Cuba, something on Obama’s agenda for a long time.

Until next week.

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