Politically Speaking — June 28,2022

June 28, 2022

As most know I haven’t’ written Politically Speaking in a month. So this morning I called the team production manager and said, “I feel brain dead after a month’s absence from the political scene.” In his usual sharp wit, he laughed and said, “In that case you should be in Congress instead of writing about it.” All I could say was. “Good point!” You gotta love it. I’m still laughing.

First up, talk about a news blackout! There was very little coverage of washed up late night talk show host Stephen Colbert’s seven staffers being arrested for being in the Capitol Building illegally. Colbert wasted no time in trying to explain. The truth was they were arrested on Capitol Hill as they tried to film a segment featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, a puppet voiced by Robert Smigel. The segment was focused on the January 6 hearing, which is a typical progressive three-ring circus.

The production crew already had filmed for two days in congressional offices, which speaks loud and clear how many of these worthless elected politicians feel. In my opinion, to even allow this kind of filming mockery in the Capitol Building says everything. There were actually congress people that allowed interviews. While America is coming apart at the seams, this hardly seems important or appropriate.

The crew said they were filming some “last-minute puppetry.”

Colbert did say, “I’m not surprised the Capitol police are much more cautious since January 6.” I beg to differ. If that were the case, Colbert staffers wouldn’t have been there at all.

Colbert did say, “It’s a fairly simple story.” For me and many others, there is nothing simple about it. Just because Colbert and his puppet squad have no respect for the Capitol, it doesn’t mean we all feel that way.

Colbert’s staffers were allegedly let into the Capitol complex by staffers of Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Imagine that! But before being detained they reportedly banged on the doors of Republicans, disturbing the peace.

By the way, at this time the building was closed to visitors, and the staffers were part of a group that was told to leave earlier that day.

A final word on this: I recommend Liz Cheney investigate this one as well!

Moving on, last week the U.S. Senate advanced the first significant gun legislation in a decade or more moving, one step closer to a gun ban. The Senators had only 15 minutes to read the 80 page gun legislation bill last Tuesday. With hopes of passing it by the July 4 recess, all 50 members of the Democratic Caucus joined 14 Republicans in moving forward.

Just a few of the key provisions in the 80 page bill are listed below. Some have merit, some don’t.

• Funding for crisis centers and so called red flag laws.

• Expanded background checks.

• More funding for mental health and school security.

• Licensed dealers and gun trafficking. This would require more sellers to register as a “federal licensed firearms dealer.”

This legislation includes $750 million in grants meant to encourage states to create so called red flag laws that would allow law enforcement or other entities to remove guns from individuals that they deem a threat.

This agreement does fall short of Biden’s calls for comprehensive gun control, including a ban on military style semi-automatic rifles.

My strongest advice at this point is don’t look away. It’s already been said they want more.
Prior to press, the House passed the bipartisan gun safety legislation.

Until next week.

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