Politically Speaking – June 28, 2016

June 28, 2016

In the news last week:
• The Senate Democrats demonstrate rebellious behavior.
• The Supreme Court ruling on Obama’s illegal immigration.

Senate Democrats showed stunning and unruly behavior on the House floor, chanting, “no bill, no break” and waving pieces of paper with the names of gun victims. They continued their protest even as lawmakers voted on a previously scheduled and unrelated measure to overturn a veto by Barack Obama.

The gun protest sit-in began last Wednesday as Democrats demanded votes on gun control bills. Disrespectfully, they shouted down House Speaker Paul Ryan when he attempted to restore order as their protest stretched into the night. Ryan attempted to ignore their childish outbursts and behavior, pounding his gavel over the Democrats’ shouting. Shame! Shame! Shame!

After that the Democrats started singing “We Shall Overcome” and then the Democrats said they would stay until the Republicans yielded to their demands to hold votes on the bills to strengthen background checks and prevent people on the no fly list from getting guns, in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

Ryan dismissed the protest as “nothing more than a publicity stunt,” and publicity they got.

In an interview with CNN, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made it clear there would not be a vote and said, “We’re not going to take away a citizen’s constitutional rights without due process.”

Although cameras were turned off, their unprofessional behavior was broadcast to the world from the Democrats’ cell phones and feeds were picked up by C-Span.

And even after being asked by Security to clear the floor, Nancy Pelosi said, “That’s not going to happen.” Remember Ms. Pelosi? She’s the brain dead Democrat that actually said on the Obamacare bill in the middle of the night, “Let’s vote on this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” At one point Pelosi said the sit-in would continue “until hell freezes over.” What a rocket scientist. In the end, the security check did take places, involving five agents and a dog, as the House Democrat leader continued to speak.

I personally couldn’t help but wonder if the Republicans had behaved in such a manner, what would the outcome have been!

Over all, more than 170 Democrats took part in the sit-in, with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin joining in at one point.

The bottom line on this issue is under the current administration there is no telling what could happen if this bill did pass. Could it give Barack Obama more freedom to wreak havoc with the American people as he has the last seven years? The reality is that the Democrats can continue to talk the talk, but they have no end game strategy, and the fact is, the Senate has already defeated the measure they’re calling for. The House is focused on eliminating terrorists, not the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.

I guess the Senate Democrats think that stunts on the floor will change that! However, as the two sides raced on, staff brought in food, pillows and even sleeping bags. What a side show, all on taxpayer dollars!

And as the sit-in continued, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee used the opportunity to fund raise, with Pelosi telling supporters, “I need 6,000 gifts in the door during tonight’s sit-in. Will you pitch in $1?”

And some call this leadership. You might; I don’t!

To me the focus should be on immigration. Case in point, the shooter of the 49 innocent murdered and wounded victims in Orlando, Florida. The shooter’s dear old dad supports the Taliban and hates gays. He is exactly the kind of immigrant you would hope to deny the priceless privilege of coming here, not to mention the shooter’s wife. Even though it’s apparent she wasn’t an innocent bystander she still hasn’t been arrested.

The fact is criminals will always find a way to get the gun of their choice, or the weapon of their choice, whether it’s a bomb, a knife or whatever. In my opinion, in most of these mass shootings the outcome could have been different if some of the victims had carried concealed weapons.

On to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court handed down a significant blow to Obama’s immigration policy, enacted after Congress did nothing. The court was deadlocked last Thursday on an immigration plan implemented by Obama that shielded millions of undocumented immigrants that would grant them the right to work legally in the U.S. The four to four ruling leaves the lower court’s ruling in place.

Obama was disappointed, stating that, “For more than two centuries, welcoming wave after wave after wave of immigrants has kept us youthful and dynamic.”

I never agree with Obama, but on the above statement I would say he’s right. However, the difference is legal and illegal. It’s a different time and age. And I can assure you his idea of immigration and mine are two different things, and letting thousands upon thousands of unvetted Syrians in isn’t my idea of good immigration policy, and in fact, puts legal citizens at risk.

Until next week.

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