Politically Speaking — July 26, 2022

July 26, 2022

Most of us have recognized that Joe Biden has health issues. Many of us cringe when he’s on the world stage, with help exiting most of the time, shaking hands with mid air (case in point Israel) and stumbling with most speeches while Jill Biden has to step in as his savior!

Last week Biden willingly announced he had cancer. Then came the news he had COVID. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reported it was mild. I pray that’s correct.

Trust, I would not wish COVID, dementia, cancer or any other bad thing on my worst enemy, and I certainly wouldn’t wish it on Joe Biden. But it’s my sincere belief he’s a puppet and not running the three ring circus at the White House. But his handlers and fellow Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and other corrupt politicians are, along with George Soros, Obama, and the Clintons, with the goal of destroying our way of life. World order has popped up in my mind, among other things. But with all that said, in looking back, you might be interested to know there were at least five presidents who tried to hide their health issues.

John F. Kennedy, in fact, lived in near constant pain with chronic back issues, and he had allergies, as well as stomach problems.
Woodrow Wilson had his share of health problems. Like Jill Biden, his wife Edith sprang into action, protecting his reputation. She essentially acted as president. The difference was Wilson hadn’t destroyed our country prior to this.

Dwight D. Eisenhower had a heart attack and thereafter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Shortly after that he had a stroke.
Ronald Reagan suffered from colon cancer, and sadly, close to the end of his Presidency he suffered from dementia as he shied away from his Presidential duties.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the longest serving President, suffered from the effects of polio from the time he was 39.

So with all that said, Biden isn’t the first to have health issues. But, in my opinion, if the lawmakers in Washington wanted to help America they would have taken action before Biden and his handlers could do any more damage. The last 18 months we have been in a serious downhill spiral, and in my opinion, our very freedom is in danger of being lost. And the majority of the Democratic Party would agree! The latest polls have spoken loud and clear. We absolutely can’t do another two years under this current administration.

Just some of the serious side effects from Joe Biden in the last 18 months filled with weakness, failure and chaos are below.
Speaker of the House Pelosi’s far left (progressive) Democrat socialist policies have seriously damaged the middle class under Joe Biden.

Inflation is at an all time high.

Out of control spending and destruction of economic policies.

Gas prices remain at an all time high as America has gone from energy independent to energy dependent, relying on our enemies for help.

Biden’s foreign policy blunders have damaged the U.S. on the world stage, making us appear weak.
Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, with Biden leaving billions of dollars worth of weapons in the enemies’ hands. Not to mention the sad loss of American lives, which could have been prevented.

Putin’s attack on Ukraine. I will always believe Putin would have never attacked Ukraine if Trump were in office. This Afghanistan conflict put Biden’s and his current administration’s weakness on full display and did nothing but show Putin he could do what he wanted.

Biden cleared the way for the Russian pipeline after blocking the Keystone pipeline on day one and slow walking the oil leases to this day. Biden has no rule of law for illegal immigrants as well as the crime surge. Since he took control of the White House, more than 2.3 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended. This doesn’t count the ones who weren’t caught.

DEA revealed that under Biden, criminal drug networks are flooding the U.S., with deadly fentanyl being tracked back to the southern border.

Democrat’s far left rhetoric, policies and actions have jeopardized the safety of our law enforcement officers.

Supply chains have been seriously affected, from baby formula to paper goods, directly affecting American families.

Biden has destroyed the coal industry that has supplied our country for centuries with not only energy but jobs.

Sadly, our country is more divided now than any time since the Civil War.

More government regulations and climate change control that’s sweeping across the country is damaging families and businesses and jeopardizing our way of life.

Joe Biden said some time back, “My dear mother — God rest her soul — used to say, ‘Joey, out of everything bad, something good will come if you look hard enough.’”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to see something good. For 18 months I haven’t seen one thing.

You’re welcome to submit some good points for next week’s column. I welcome them because I’d like to write something positive.

Until next week.

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