Politically Speaking — July 19, 2022

July 19, 2022

It’s apparent to many Joe Biden is unfit to be the President of the United States. It sadly doesn’t take much intelligence to recognize this poor man can’t complete a sentence, and much of what he says and does serves to do nothing but harm. This great country and its citizens are given a black eye on the world stage.

The 25th amendment of the Constitution makes it pretty clear what can be done when a President is unable to perform his duties. Unfortunately, we not only have, in my opinion, an unfit President, we also have in Vice President Kamala Harris someone who also is terrible at public speaking and has been unable to accomplish hardly anything in her VP assignments, like border security. Next in line is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Don’t get me started! With her reckless spending in Congress, could she finally break the bank? Oh well, she’ll say, “Let them eat cake!”

So who would be fourth in line for President? The Secretary of State would be declared the President. But out of the 71 Secretaries of State we have had, 6 of the early Secretaries of State went on to become President. My concern is the Secretary of State is appointed by the President.

Who is the Secretary of State now? Anthony J. Blinken was sworn in by Joe Biden as the 71st Secretary of State. Blinken was one of Biden’s most trusted aides when he was preparing to undo former President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, and to top it off he has close ties with the Clintons. Oh, the webs they weave! Need I say more.

• On a positive note, according to a brand new New York Times poll, 94% of young Democrats in the age group of 19 to 36 would prefer their party to throw its weight behind someone else in 2024.

• Democrats as a whole are questioning their own party, with 64% saying they would prefer a different nominee instead of Biden.

• The majority of the Hispanic population is not supporting Biden!

• Biden’s woes continue to add up. He now has a 32% approval rating. Ouch! And his inflation percentage for June was 9.1%. I predict in July it will hit 10%.

For those that say we could slide into a recession, I say wake up, we’re there.

Leaving you with this thought for the week: Joe Biden was caught sending 1 million barrels of oil from strategic petroleum reserves to a communist Chinese firm where Hunter Biden had a $1.7 billion stake. In my opinion, Biden’s family has profited from these shady deals. Why, when Russia is supplying China with oil? China is in bed with Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine and we are supposed to support Ukraine. Could Hunter be negotiating these deals?

Where are Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff? Where are the New York Times and Washington Post in this? It’s a huge story.
Until next week.

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