Politically Speaking – July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016

As I walked into church Sunday morning I ran into an old friend whom I’m always glad to see. The first thing he said after our usual greeting hug, with great concern in his eyes, was, “Cathy, this country is a mess.” I could only agree with him. Then the service started with a prayer for our neighbors, friends, families and country.

Then it hit me, the answer to all things is in Christ. This country needs to turn the clock back in time to when we as children were taught to love one another, to respect others, to care for one another, and to respect authority, back to a time when mothers and father faced the full responsibility of teaching their children right from wrong. I realize there are parents and grandparents still teaching their children and grandchildren right from wrong, but the reality is there are not as many today as yesterday. God bless those that are, because that’s our only hope; the children are the future.

In my opinion, last week was a heartbreaking week for America, for all of us, starting with the lives lost in Louisiana and Minnesota. In Dallas, Texas, five police officers were killed and nine individuals were wounded (seven officers of the law and two civilians), becoming casualties of a lone deranged gunman in an ambush style attack in downtown Dallas, Texas. The only motivation that anyone could come up with was that the sniper was protesting the officer shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

This shooter was taken out by a robotic bomb after a standoff with police. That was the deadliest event for U.S. police officers since September 11, 2001. And in this tragedy the same strategy was in play as on September 11, 2001 when the men and women in blue ran toward the twin towers to protect and save as many lives as they could, costing many of them their own lives.

The same held true last week in Dallas, Texas during a peaceful “Black Lives Matter” movement protest. As the shots rang out, those brave officers ran toward the gunfire to protect and save as many as they could, costing five brave men in blue their very lives and leaving seven wounded.

The suspect’s motivation was revealed in negotiations when he said he was upset about recent police shootings so he wanted to kill as many white people, especially white officers, as he could and he said that he acted alone.

I personally can’t imagine the complete fear that had to grip all involved in this tragic event as the hundreds protesting ran in every direction and the police charged forward!

I’ve heard some compare today to the late 1960s. I lived through those days. They weren’t great days, but if this great divide doesn’t stop soon, our children and grandchildren will see the same thing. That’s certainly not something most of us want.

Last Friday Barack Obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of those that lost their lives and those that were wounded in Dallas, Texas. That’s the 67th time he’s done this since becoming President, more than any other president, according to USA Today. In my mind that says it all.

So in the end, what’s the answer to the racial divide? In my mind, I answered that question in the second paragraph.

The other issue that I found heartbreaking last week was the corruption of the current U.S. government administration, which I have absolutely no respect for, and I have even less respect for Hillary Clinton. FBI Director James Comey was, in my opinion, nothing but a sacrificial lamb for Hillary Clinton’s corruption, and he took the fall for U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s unethical meeting with Billy Clinton, as reported in the New York Times.

Mr. Comey said that Mrs. Clinton had failed to return “thousands” of work related emails to the State Department, despite her public insistence to the contrary, and that her lawyers may have destroyed classified material that the FBI was unable to recover. He also described her handling of classified material as Secretary of State as “negligent,” a legal term he avoided using last Tuesday. But the biggest problem — and I have many issues with both Clintons — was Comey said his team of investigators had not found clear evidence that Mrs. Clinton intended to break the law governing the use of classified materials and explained that prosecutors have ‘grave concerns” about using the lower legal standard of “gross negligence” in their handling and have applied it only once in the last century.

To make matters even worse — if they could be any worse — Republicans expressed particular frustration with Comey when he said that the FBI did not examine Mrs. Clinton’s statement to Congress about her email server to determine whether she had perjured herself. And this woman wants to be our next President. My God, people, wake up! The bottom line is, in my opinion, she is guilty as hell, and the FBI Director took the fall for Loretta Lynch. What a sad time for America!

Leaving you with a final thought, again, one that was shared in church last Sunday morning: The only way evil can triumph is if good men do nothing.

Until next week.

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