Politically Speaking – January 4, 2022

January 4, 2022

2021, what a year! Sorry, folks, but this was a year I have to say good bye and good riddance to. 2022 has to be better, I PRAY! We started 2021 questioning the truth from the liberal media and ended on the same note. Just a few of their missteps…

CBS “60 Minutes” was accused of editing exchanges between Desantis, reporters pushing a “pay for play” narrative.
In September, a photo of border agents attempting to control Haitian illegal immigrants pushed a false story about using whips against illegals. The story started with the El Paso Times, and that was shared and promoted by a number of Democrat politicians as a “horrifying” and “repulsive” demonstration of border police. Most did not know what reins were, let alone split reins. In another misleading story, while the reports of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shooting three men and killing two came from the 2020 Kenosha riots, Kyle was later acquitted on all charges after the liberal media tried him and found him guilty on all charges, leading Rittenhouse lawyers ripping CNN, MSNBC, and others for false reporting and botching basics facts.

And these are just a few of the many examples. The liberal media’s false stories that they make up as they go continue on a routine basis to downplay inflation and try to turn it into a positive. Folks, there’s nothing further from the truth. There’s nothing that Biden or his handlers have done that’s positive.

Just touching the facts seems to be getting rarer. So with all that said, I’m sad to say there are very few networks now that you can count on for truth.

So until next year, when Politically Speaking will resume with truth, let me wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

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