Politically Speaking — January 24, 2023

January 24, 2023

I said last week in closing, (referring to the last two years under Biden), folks, you can’t make this stuff up, everything from a guy who can’t find his way offstage, to the Woke Movement. Not to mention the highest inflation in 40 years, insane energy prices, and being the laughing stock around the world.

And last week it only got worse. Biden couldn’t even pronounce his Vice President’s first name. He probably forgot.

And we find out Hunter Biden was renting a room (??) in Joe’s home in Wilmington, Delaware for $50,000 per month?? I bet he wanted easy access to the classified documents.

Or could this be Biden’s cut of something? Who knows. Possibly both.

I’m finding that more and more Democrats are very disconnected with their party. I can safely say, because I was raised a Democrat by a Democratic family, the party of the working man is no longer the same party. Although you can rest assured there are still those in the party that are committed to the working man and woman. They share this displeasure in what has happened to their party and country and have said as much.

Moving on to the new Pritzker gun ban. Most of the sheriffs in Illinois have declared they will uphold the Constitution and they care about you and your rights. That’s why they are against Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s unconstitutional bill on the passage of HB5471, the new gun ban, with good reason. It not only affects AR style enthusiasts, but every Illinois dealer, hunter, hobbyist, competition shooter, conceal carriers, and collectors. At this time several different lawsuits have been filed, which I support, not only as a FOID and concealed carry card holder but because it’s against our rights and the Constitution.

I personally pray for a swift and timely win in the federal court.

A special thank you to Sheriff Jeff Bullard of Jefferson County, Sheriff Kevin W. Cripps of Marion County, Sheriff Ross Schultze of Washington County and Sheriff Dan Travous of Clinton County and all that are standing up for our rights. Most Illinois counties have defied the State’s assault weapons ban. Needless to say, it’s a complex problem with no easy answers. A solution needs to be found to protect the rights of legal gun owners while ensuring the safety of all citizens. Most city police departments, sheriffs and officers are against this as well, while Pritzker continues to threaten them. Who voted for this guy?

Back to Joe Biden and the classified documents. We all know that Biden’s legal team found classified documents in a “general suite” closet that was used by multiple people in his office. It has been reported that no one knows who had access to the closet or office or how the documents got there, and Biden claims he doesn’t know how they got there. However, the DOJ moved quickly to appoint an attorney to investigate the matter. But since that time, classified documents have been found in the Wilmington home in other areas, along with the garage. Stored with his Corvette were boxes of classified documents.

So to sum it up, here’s what we know to date: On four occasions classified documents were found at Biden’s private residence and a DC office in the Penn Biden Center he used before becoming President.

The White House said Biden didn’t know the contents of the documents; but let’s face it, Biden isn’t well known for truth, and who knows who Hunter Biden might have shared them with.

Are they a security risk? My guess is yes, and who knows what can come of this.

My big question is why are we just getting this information when the first documents were found on November 2, 2022, just six days before last fall’s midterm elections. Of course, in my opinion, it was intentional. Until next week!

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