Politically Speaking – February 28, 2023

February 28, 2023

It’s amazing the things that are going on behind our backs in this country.

While researching the current environmentalists and their current conservation efforts, I found things that, if the public were aware, there would be great concern.

A short time after Biden took the oath of office he signed off on the biggest land grab in American history. It’s deceptively titled, “America the Beautiful.” Sound’s good, right? Well, it’s not, in typical Obama and Biden fashion. Deceit is alive and well. This sets in motion an agenda to permanently hold 30% of America’s land and water before the year 2030.

It’s called “30×30.” It’s disguised as a conservation effort. It means no drilling for oil and gas, no forestry, no livestock grazing, and no mining. So eventually, hunting, fishing and boating will be all gone as well.
In all, 720 million acres are to be conserved, transferring control to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and non profit trusts, and it will be permanently kept in a natural state. To put this into perspective, the amount of land they seek is larger than the Louisiana purchase.

Folks, we are losing control of our country. Let me make this clear, in simple words. Biden’s plans are to conserve 30% of America’s lands and waters by the year 2030. So far two states have hopped on board: Nevada and California.

And since there is already a considerable amount of protected land in the U.S. even without the 30×30 program, this plan is very concerning.

Let me remind our federal government our founding fathers knew that for us to keep the self governance they established, the people must own the land. This is essential for “WE THE PEOPLE” to control our government.

I assure you, those who are running the Biden administration know this as well. They will do anything to empower, even more, the progressive movement.

My question now is this: Is there a way local governments and landowners have to fight back when their land is targeted? I pray so!

Biden’s gang claims that this will be voluntary, so the progressives and woke rocket scientists claim.

In fact, on the day Biden signed, he signed the most devastating blow to America’s landowners.

I’m of the strong opinion that the weaponization of the federal government against any and all opposition started under Obama to “fundamentally transform” America into a tyrannical Marxist State.

During the Trump Administration, Obama and Biden loyalists joined with the media and corporate America to defeat and ruin Trump. And this movement, in my opinion, is now moving at high speed to finish that mission.

In closing, if you want more food for thought, check out how much farm ground the Chinese own in the United States. Why?

Until next week!

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