Politically Speaking — February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

There is so much going on these days. If the last two years haven’t made you look at things differently I don’t know what will. Just a few points of concern that are questionable over the last few weeks are listed below.

• A Chinese spy balloon was allowed to fly across the U.S. before being taken down.

• Three random objects were shot down, but Biden didn’t have a clue. What a national embarrassment! Then it was suggested the objects might be UFOs.WHAT!

• Biden went in for his physical checkup last Thursday. It was reported he has no problems besides what most 78 to 80 year olds have, but no cognitive test was done. Imagine that!

• Biden takes our oil reserves to the lowest point in 40 years, selling another 26 million barrels.

• Questions are arising about Nord Stream (sabotage). Where’s the U.N.? It leaves me to wonder by whose orders was this done. And I pray it wasn’t Biden. And yes, I said that.

• China is threatening the U.S. for shooting down its spy balloon that floated past sensitive military sites, when it should be the other way around.

• This week, last but not least, there was a rail disaster in Ohio that Biden turned down for federal help. An entire community is devastated and Pothole Pete Buttigieg blames Trump.

Sadly, the town of East Palestine, Ohio is dealing with the aftermath of a train derailment that unleashed six or seven highly toxic chemicals into the air, water and ground the first week of February, causing a massive fire, displacing residents and threatening public health. The mayor of the town is beside himself, showing on national television the poisonous slicks floating on top of ponds and waterways.

The residents remain uncertain and fearful after Biden denied any federal help, and Norfolk Southern didn’t even care enough to send a representative to a town meeting. And of course, Pete Buttigieg, serving as the 19th Secretary of Transportation and sworn in under Biden on February 3, 2021, said it’s all Trump’s fault. Imagine that! It’s Pete’s job to oversee transportation. I would think railroads would be a primary concern, as thousands and thousands of tracks cover the entire United States from coast to coast. Many trains haul dangerous chemicals, like the one that exploded in Ohio. Buttigieg did say there were one thousand of these same type of incidents that happened in 2022. The one in East Palestine, Ohio, was the first of two that blew up in one week.

So who’s responsible? According to Buttigieg, Donald Trump, of course.

Actually the beginning of deregulatory moves started in 2015 under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Whoops!
Sorry, Pete, you need to do a better job.

The Biden Administration has failed us miserably with disaster after disaster for two years, yet there are still those that sing his praises.

Until next week.

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