Politically Speaking — December 27, 2022

December 27, 2022

For those of you that have asked where Ludwig is, I’m here to say the knight in shining armor rode back in on his white horse. Thank goodness! I always appreciate his insight, and as I’ve said before, he’s a great partner in truth. In addition, his brilliant insight always gives me food for thought.

Ludwig’s comments in watching the January 6th hearings were, “What a mess! Eight hundred people have been prosecuted for violence on January 6, not one of them for insurrection. I don’t think a jury in DC or New York City would have a single Republican to seat. So even a jury trial is suspect in partisan politics. Stalin must be smiling.”

Ludwig, I’m sure Stalin is not alone. Over the years many times I personally have heard we will be destroyed from within, as many great civilizations have been. Who can’t see what’s happening now!

On to Ludwig.

Congress is meeting this week to hammer out details on the so-called Omnibus Bill that will fund the federal government from now until September.

So that means that the Republicans in charge of the House will have nothing to do for most of 2023. Might as well start the investigations and hearings into Biden. Maybe work on immigration policy?

It’s expected to total around $1.7 trillion. About half of the package — $850 billion in military spending — has already been agreed upon, but it’s the other $850 billion that will go towards government agencies, private sector contracts, and aid to Ukraine.

And all the earmarks! Everyone is scrambling to shake down the taxpayers.

As usual with Congress, things are coming down to the wire, with the specter of a government shutdown on Christmas Eve.

In the Senate, 60 votes are needed for passage. In the House, a simple majority is needed.

Mitch McConnell is pushing for a deal to get done as soon as possible to avoid a shutdown, even if that means agreeing to a budget that’s largely viewed as a win for Democrats.

If ten Republicans in the Senate vote yes, then it heads to the House where it’s almost guaranteed to pass.

Kevin McCarthy is begging McConnell to pass a stop-gap measure that will delay the final vote until the New Year, when Republicans will have control of the chamber.

That would give them a lot more leverage to cut an overly bloated budget with billions for Democrat special interests.

We will see this disaster in slow motion until everyone is asleep on Friday night and the deal will happen.

Moving forward on my own thoughts, let’s watch which GOP lawmakers vote for this insanity even though former

President Trump urged Republicans to vote against the bill and often trashed it, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) said that any Republican who votes for the bill would be a “traitor.”

At this point I have to agree. It’s time for Republicans to stand together and force the Democrats to compromise. I don’t feel the Republicans should cave and give Nancy Pelosi a multi trillion dollar gift right after she’s been “fired” as Speaker of the House. It’s unfair to fund the Pelosi-Schumer spending agenda just weeks before the new Congress begins.

Until next week.

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