Politically Speaking — August 2, 2022

August 2, 2022

It’s not been long ago that Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia with his tin cup begging for oil. Sadly, 18 months ago we were energy efficient and now we’re energy deficient, begging from other countries (our enemies) and robbing our oil emergency reserves. What a guy!

In my opinion, he’s certainly not a patriot, making it easy for his handlers and fellow Democrats to tell him what to do!

And now on to Nancy Pelosi’s potential trip to Taiwan. As of last week, on Thursday it was reported she would leave late last week for Asia, but at that time the Taiwan visit was uncertain. Needless to say, the Taiwan stop has raised a lot of tension, enough so the Pentagon says it plans to ramp up U.S. military presence near Asia if she decides to go. Will she or won’t she?

Who knows. But in my opinion, at this time the stop in Taiwan is too dangerous. At this point the United States and China are on a collision course in the Taiwan Strait. To top it all off, the possible trip has resulted in stern warnings from Beijing, mounting concerns in Washington. And well they should, with our downhill spiral and a commander-in-chief that has given us two black eyes on the world stage. He as well as his entire administration has shown nothing other than weakness with everything from energy to a weakened military, while China’s ambitions have risen along with its military power and it may soon be capable of seizing Taiwan even in a fight with us!

Also keep in mind longstanding U.S. “strategic ambiguity” has given way to “strategic confusion” to say the least. Biden’s misstatements on Taiwan are undermining the carefully devised policy that kept peace for decades.

It is worth considering the ambition of Mr. Xi Jinping of China for a third term, who can’t appear weak, and a less than weak Biden. A single spark could ignite this combustible situation, and Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could very well provide it. Another point to consider is Pelosi is also loathed by China.

A final thought on this subject: Beijing has warned that its military will not sit idly by if the visit to Taiwan goes ahead.

And keep in mind Biden has repeatedly said that the U.S. would defend Taiwan, while the Chinese government’s position is that Taiwan is part of China.

There are some experts that think a crisis with Beijing over Taiwan is inevitable.

The tensions created a two-hour conversation on July 28 between Biden and Xi Jinping in which Xi warned us not to “play with fire” on the Taiwan issue.

I can assure you if Pelosi backs down there will be a next time. And with all that said, there was much I didn’t like about Trump, but the way he followed through with his promises wasn’t one of them. His patriotism was unquestionable and on the world stage he not only appeared strong, he was!

Until next week.

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