Politically Speaking — April 26, 2022

April 25, 2022

You’ve got to love it. Thanks, Biden. And if you can’t read between the lines, there is a lot I’d like to say to Joe Biden, but thank you isn’t one of them.

In February 2022 the inflation rate in the U.S. accelerated to 7.9%, the highest rate since 1982, 40 years ago. But hold on, it only gets worse. In March of 2022 it was 8.5%, with energy prices increasing, namely gasoline (48%) and in many areas, even more. Food prices have jumped the most since 1981, and lumber prices have more than tripled.

So does anyone want to tell me what a great job this administration is doing? Better yet, write a letter for Speak Out and put your name on it.

The sad news is that looking forward, even with inflation at its highest in 40 years, there’s no let up in sight.
But on a positive note, Joe stays upbeat even as his popularity plummets and key priorities remain unmet.

On to the southern border. We have a worse than worse twosome in charge with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Another congratulations is in order at this point: Illegal immigration is at a record high.

In March, just last month, (only one month) there were more than 221,000 migrants caught crossing the U.S. border. That number doesn’t count those that escaped detection. In the fiscal year of 2020 there were more than 700,000. In 2021, illegal immigrant encounters topped two million and they are on pace to repeat that in 2022.

All this possibly leads to the reason at least ten Democrats flipped on Biden, joining the GOP in opposing the plan to end Title 42, a Trump-era border policy that allows for expedited deportation of migrants and prevents them from seeking asylum.
At this time it’s my belief we have a serious crisis at our southern border, and in the future I look for it to be crisis on top of crisis. And trust, more and more Democrats are expressing concerns over ending Title 42.

Leaving you this week with this thought: Recently Joe Biden predicted Democrats could bolster a Senate majority in the midterms. Another delusional thought from Joe. My prediction is the GOP will take the Senate and the House.

Until next week.

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