Politically Speaking – April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016

Top News Stories Of The Week:
• Last main Brussels and Paris suspect arrested,  threat remains.
• Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz look to gain ground in the West.
• Democratic delegates vs. super delegates.
• Presidential primaries: update as of April 9, 2016.

Delegate Results: Democrats.
2,383 needed for nomination. 1,955 still available.

Pledged delegates

Hillary: 1,280        Bernie: 1,030

Super delegates

Hillary: 469        Bernie: 31


Hillary: 1,749        Bernie: 1,061

Pledged delegates are based on state primary results, while super delegates can support any candidate. Keep in mind delegate results aren’t final until the convention in July. So, to date, take away the super delegates and Clinton is only 219 delegates ahead. For you Clinton supporters, this one hasn’t been as easy as you thought it might be!

Bernie has won 8 of the last 9 states!

So, who’s on track for the Republican Party?

Tracking candidates’ progress requires more than straight delegate counts. The estimated delegates each candidate would need in each primary contest to win the nomination and the latest results for who’s on track and who’s falling behind are as follows:


758 delegates won.


499 delegates won.


144 delegates won.

These calculations above don’t include Saturday results.

The Wyoming Democratic presidential caucus was held Saturday, April 9 with Bernie Sanders taking the state. Bernie took 7 and Clinton garnished 11. Go figure that one! How did he get less delegates?

On the Republican side, it was Cruz and falling behind, Donald Trump.

The bottom line is Trump needs to take 61% of the delegates left; Cruz approximately 87% and Kasich 135% to clinch the Republican nomination. Just a note, Cruz is out stealing delegates. Is this election about the peoples’ will?

Over the weekend Clinton and Sanders are back to their “Brooklyn, NY roots.” This week the campaign goes to the heat of the battle—Brooklyn battling out who has the strongest ties, but trust neither Sanders or Clinton are in touch with reality (Imagine that!). Be sure and watch this Thursday’s Democratic debate between Clinton and Sanders.

On to Paris terror suspect, Mohamed Abrini was arrested in Belgium over the weekend.

Six people were arrested Friday in total including Abrini, suspected of being the man in the hat in the Brussels attacks, seen in an airport surveillance video moments before two deadly terror attacks in Brussels.

Authorities can now question him about the Brussels airport bombings on March 22, part of the attacks that killed 32. Europe has a very heavy Muslim population!

On a closing note a friend told me on Sunday that he had read that Obama has endorsed Hillary. It made my day, because in my opinion if he had, it gave many intelligent thinking humans one more of the 101 reasons NOT to vote for Hillary. On further research I couldn’t confirm the endorsement. Oh well, one can only hope!

In closing, let me recommend that all Christians see the movie God Is Not Dead #2. As Christians we are under siege. In the constitution and the Declaration of Independence it says nothing about the phrase “Separation of Church and State.”

It’s time to take back our Christian rights!

Until next week.

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