Politically Speaking – May 23, 2022

May 23, 2022

In the latest on the baby formula shortage, U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) raged last week about the outright lying by Biden on the baby formula shortage.

According to Rep. Cammack part of the reason this shortage exists is baby formula is being stockpiled at the southern border. She said she had the opportunity to question Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas four times about the shortage, and each time he had something derogatory to say towards her, including saying for her to expose this stockpiling is repugnant. I guess the truth hurt him.

What I’m getting out of this is Cammack isn’t saying don’t feed these illegal immigrants’ babies. But, in my opinion, what she’s saying is that these children are here because Biden has created a serious crisis in inviting their parents here. And that has been clear from the very beginning.

However, even if we were to redistribute all the formula that has been stockpiled at the border, there would still be a problem. When you shut down the nation’s largest manufacturer of baby formula — 43% to be exact — and you have no plan in place to back up that marketplace share, you are responsible for this. It goes with the old saying, “The buck stops here.”

Between the shutdown and stockpiling at the border, it spells a serious shortfall, in my opinion. So the bottom line is, when Pete Buttigieg and the White House said they had a plan from day one, that’s a lie, and to chastise anyone for exposing the truth is a big problem. Consequently, baby formula stockpiled at the border points to how out of touch the Biden Administration is.

And no, I’m not suggesting any baby should go hungry. But I believe our own must come first, and with the current administration that’s not happening in any given mess Biden has made. So while Biden has little concern for American babies, it doesn’t mean the rest of us feel that way.

Backing up, what happened with Abbott baby formula manufacturing? In February Abbot closed its infant formula plant in Michigan after the FDA found contamination at the facility and four infants were hospitalized.

So what is the solution? In my opinion, illegal immigrants should have been warned we can’t feed their babies. This should have never happened in America or anywhere else.

But according to CNBC our rocket scientists in Washington are now looking to increase imports to ease the baby formula shortage. The last thing I would want to do is feed my baby formula from China. What a mess!

My heart goes out to these young mothers and fathers in their desperation to find a way to feed their babies.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did say there should be an indictment in this matter. Good thing for her, she won’t have to look far for the culprits, starting with Biden and his gang.

On to gas prices. Last week I paid $5.09 a gallon for gas, but in California it was $6.85 per gallon.

Moving on to last Tuesday’s primaries in five states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon and Idaho. Several Republican races showed how large former President Trump’s influence is on the GOP. Trump endorsed several candidates in the states listed above, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running in Pennsylvania.

I still predict there will be huge consequences from the 2020 election and the performance of the Biden Administration since then. Come on 2022 midterms.

Until next week.

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