McCarter: Budget Address is a Blueprint to Fix Illinois

February 22, 2016

State Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) said Governor Bruce Rauner’s Budget Address Wednesday laid out a clear path to address Illinois’ ongoing financial crisis brought on by years of fiscal mismanagement.

“Once again the Governor talked about the need for structural reforms to government and serious fiscal discipline to turn around Illinois,” said McCarter. “We need to grow our economy. That means more taxpayers and more job creators who see that we are creating a stable political and economic environment where they feel they can invest their money and put our families back to work.”

The Governor outline a budget plan that laid out two paths before lawmakers: Make the needed reforms to improve the state’s business climate or give him the authority to make the necessary cuts to balance the budget.

Under the Governor’s plan, Education is the priority. He wants record state support for elementary and secondary education, including $4.8 billion for General State Aid (GSA), which fully funds GSA for the first time in seven years. The plan also includes record state support for Early Childhood Education of $393 million.

While education was clearly the centerpiece of the Governor’s address, he said it was essential that the Legislature work with him to achieve a comprehensive solution to the state’s financial problems. The other pathway he mentioned – giving him broader power to manage the budget – includes many difficult choices, including deep cuts.

“The mismanagement of the past by Democrat politicians created the situation we find ourselves in today,” said McCarter. “Now, reality is here and we’re going to have to make some very tough decisions if we can’t come together. We’re going to have to cut programs and while some may be good programs they should not have the same priority as taking care of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Sen. McCarter said there comes a time when tough decisions have to be made because of a hope for the future.

“We have to say no because there is a future for those in Illinois; there’s a future for families who want to stay here, live here, thrive here and raise their children here,” said McCarter. “Power politics needs to be put aside. This is a priority. We have to take control and do what’s best for the taxpayers for once and make these tough decisions.”

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