Politically Speaking — October 25, 2022

October 25, 2022

Last Thursday evening during the Illinois gubernatorial debate between Sen. Darren Bailey (R) and Gov. JB Pritzker (D), it was shades of the debate held earlier this month. It was equally painful to watch. The topics consisted of everything from the dangerous brainchild of JB Pritzker, the SAFE-T-ACT, to Chicago schools where it costs at least $29,000 per student each year. That won the “Crook” County system a big fat “F,” given by the Wall Street Journal. The debate got heated on the topic of the disgusting sex education that Pritzker thinks is just fine, with JB accusing Darren Bailey of being too conservative and too extreme for the state of Illinois, which was rich coming from Pritzker. Yet in the close, Bailey retaliated with a new name for the City of Chicago: Pritzkerville.

In my opinion, along with Pritzker, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx, who allegedly manages the second largest prosecutor’s office in the United States, consisting of 700 attorneys and 1,100 employees, need to go. What a mess! It’s beyond my comprehension how any thinking human could vote for Pritzker, Lightfoot or Foxx.

So with all that said, all any of us that get it can do is only hope and pray. But most of all, get out and VOTE and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Election day is November 8 and it’s right around the corner.

And while on the subject of clueless and corrupt politicians, last Wednesday, Joe Biden announced he will release another 15 million barrels of oil from the national stockpile, of course to be sold to some of our enemies including China, which will leave the oil reserve at its lowest level in decades.

The goal is to lower prices before the midterms, and if the Democrats stay in control on November 9, gas prices will probably jump 50%. In my opinion, that’s Biden and his progressive woke groupies’ ulterior motive.

However, this latest move from Biden is unlikely to have much effect on gas prices but could help countries like China! Sadly, in my opinion, our country is being run into the ground!

On to some more food for thought. The comments below are from a friend of mine that’s a master for his brilliant twists and turns of thoughtful, provocative comments. I call him Ludwig.

In a recent email to me, after reading last week’s column, he said, “I just finished a little booklet about J. B. Pritzker. It actually depressed me.

“Then I woke up today and listened to Dinesh D’Souza discussing Schedule F, explaining that President Donald Trump learned between 2016–2020, how vast and powerful administrative career employees of the Administrative State (over 400 agencies) basically control the USA, and elected officials have very little influence. The inertia is incredible. Think OSHA, EPA, CIA, FBI, FDA, NIH, CDC, and the rest.

“Congress just gets a short opportunity to craft some legislation and appropriate money to feed the Deep State. It is just too big.

“Official business is carried out by career bureaucrats, not elected officials.

“The big risk is that we get a red wave in a few weeks and later on, we will look at a Republican Congress that sits and counts its own perks, while nothing gets done. The Democrats will not mind their apathy, as they wait for their turn again.

“Radical action might have happened with Trump. We might have trimmed the Department of Commerce and shut down the slush fund we call the Department of Education. We might trim the Federal Government down to the right size. (Constitution)

“But, as bad as the Democrats are, led by Communists/Progressives, the real question for me is, “Will the Republicans take action and reduce the level of Federal involvement in our lives?” And more importantly, “Will we manage to avoid more useless war? Including a possible nuclear exchange with the Russians or Chinese?”

“Pay attention to Xi. He is starting to sound more like Mao, as he prepares for an unprecedented third term at the CCP.”

Thanks, Ludwig, for all your thoughts.

And with all that said, write down November 8 and don’t forget to vote!

Until next week.

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