Politically Speaking – January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

What a week! Since I wrote last week’s column here’s what has happened: Obama’s State of the Union, another GOP Presidential Debate, the stock market falls big, ten U.S. sailors captured and released in 24 hours, Iran to receive sanctions, four American hostages in Iran released, the fourth Democratic Presidential debate and the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.
First up, Obama’s State of the Union. Or should I say Obama’s “lecture to the nation about the future after me.”

After a few minutes reviewing his accomplishments of the past seven plus years, he pivoted to his four directives for the next President.

1. Provide a fair shot for everyone in the “new” economy.
2. Make technology work for America.
3. Keep America safe without being the policeman of the world.
4. Make politics reflect what is best in us, not worst.

All honorable general concepts, but I think I remember President Reagan, or was it President Kennedy saying about the same things.
So much for the State of the Union. Maybe Obama will talk about the State of the Union in his next lecture.

Next up, last Thursday’s GOP Presidential Debate. They’re down to seven candidates at the head table and I think down to five on the next debate, with Kasich and Bush being pushed off the stage. Why was John Kasich there anyway?

It appears the real fight is going to come down to Trump, Cruz and Rubio unless something remarkable happens. These three dominated the time and energy in this debate.

The stock market dropped, especially last Friday. Is it time for a correction or was it all about China? And has China finally realized and have we, that they can manipulate the economy even more than once thought? Stay tuned!

We held our breath as the report came in that ten American sailors were captured (detained) and, as reported, released within 24 hours. The excuse, “We didn’t know we drifted into Iranian waters” made me and probably most of us wonder what the real story was.  Will we ever know?

With economic sanctions being lifted for Iran and billions paid, the four long term American hostages were released.

Was their release “baked in the cake” as a side deal of the major Iranian deal, and I wonder how much (We don’t negotiate with terrorists) their release actually cost us. But no matter what, we as Americans are overjoyed with their release.

The Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate was held Sunday night. Although with raised voices at times, and Bernie and Hillary jabbing each other over health care, guns and Wall Street, many times they said, “I agree with you.”

The Democratic Debate reminds me of a family argument, with everyone kissing and making up at the end. And they even let the youngest family member (Martin O’Malley) get some words in and they made him feel good.

Bernie and Hillary probably didn’t change any in the polls as the fight was considered a draw.
But the quote of the night was from Hillary:”There should be no banks too big to fail and no one too big to go to jail!” Really! Really, Hillary! Was this a Freudian slip or are you predicting your future!

And speaking of jail, if you haven’t seen the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, make plans to do so. You’ll get a firsthand look at how this current administration operated. And to think Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others watched this Benghazi atrocity unfold in real time and did nothing is beyond me. It’s the real story. That Hillary Clinton would run for President is sheer arrogance on her part and what’s worse, there will be people that vote for her.
What happened in Libya started ISIS.

Until next week.

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