You can help ensure no kid sleeps on the floor

April 19, 2021

By Stephanie Daniels—

With all the bad things going on in the world, it is always nice to hear about the good. I spoke with Josh Tellefsen and Jonathon Hixson, members of Crossroads Church in Centralia, Illinois, about a heart warming bed building event the church will be hosting on May 22, 2021.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an organization that builds beds for children in our area from ages 3 to 17. The group was started in 2012 by Luke Michaelson in Idaho, the executive director of the organization. It started as a church project. There were some kids that didn’t have a bed, and he made some beds for a children’s group.

In January 2020, Salem started their chapter, and they built their first 25 beds in December of 2019 right before Christmas with help from another chapter. In 2020 they totaled 250 beds.

Currently it is costing the organization $200 per bed to build. Unfortunately though, prices are going up because the mattresses are unavailable. Because of the rising prices of both mattresses and lumber, the projected cost is around $360 per bed. This makes it bad for the kids.

Right now they have a list of 40 children who need beds, and they are unable to meet the need because they don’t have the materials.

“Pastor Ron Tabor did one of these builds and thought it was awesome,” said Hixson. Pastor Tabor liked it so much the church and volunteers did their first bed build last August.

Hixson also said, “It’s one of those things, it’s such a blessing, and it’s fun. The kids have fun building the beds because, I mean, we do everything. It’s all raw number two pine boards, you know, we sand them all down, cut them, jig on everything. My kids are ten and seven, and they love it.”

Tellefsen agreed with him, stating, “Yeah, it’s very easy to do. It’s a fun process, something you can do with your family at the church when we build them, and it gives you a sense of ownership.”

I wanted to know how other people could get involved. They mentioned that people could go to the church’s Facebook page and check out when the beds are being built. You can go and help or go online to make donations. The website is If you want to give some of the materials, you can contact the church and let them know that you would like to help make sure no child sleeps on the floor. Some things they are always needing are bedding such as twin size sheets, comforters, and even pillows.

As I was finishing up chatting with Josh and Jonathon, I could tell that the two young men were very proud of their church and what they are doing for our communities.

As I mentioned before, it’s always nice to hear about the good news. Thank you to all that are a part of this Heavenly project.

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