Yesteryear’s Memories: She’s a Dasey

April 20, 2021

That could be said about a neighbor, a cow, or a buckboard wagon. But it could also mean a brand name of a long-forgotten piece kitchen equipment from a hundred years ago. St. Louis was the home of this company for decades, and the glass butter churns with spinning paddles are now prized collector’s items.

Whole milk with the cream was put into the device and it was simply cranked until the fat started to form a mass in the center. If the milk was too cool or even too hot, the process just wouldn’t work. Finally the butter would be rinsed in ice cold water, put in a butter mold, and refrigerated. The left over milk was buttermilk and used for cooking or drinking. It was often tough to keep the house cat out of the buttermilk.

These cool little devices are efficient, practical, and actually fun. So if the store is closed, find a churn, a cow, and get ready for the freshest butter you ever tasted. Hot rolls never had it so good.

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