Yesteryear’s Memories: It Wasn’t Just One

February 9, 2021

They usually come in clusters. The New Madrid Earthquake as it is called, was actually a series of quakes. On December 16, 1811, the first major shakeup occurred and was followed by aftershocks, and then two more major shocks in January and February of 1812. Although centered in Arkansas and Missouri, they caused widespread damage over thousands of square miles. The ground rippled and buckled, causing sinkholes and landslides. The Mississippi River even appeared to flow backwards for a time because of the massive geological changes; uplifting ground motion created surface waves moving upstream. Fortunately there was only one life lost in New Madrid, Missouri because there were so few people living in the area. St. Louis, Cairo, and even Cincinnati, Ohio recorded damage to buildings.

Experts predict that there will be another major quake along the fault that produced the calamity. No ones knows exactly when, but it could be any day. If that happens, you won’t have to remember to ‘drop and roll.’ It will do that for you.