Yesteryear’s Memories: Blackout

February 22, 2021
Today a blackout is a terrible inconvenience. Some would say it’s a disaster — no lights, no TV, no internet service. In the winter, that can be elevated to even more undesirable circumstances — no heat, freezing pipes, keeping kids and animals safe and warm. In earlier times a ‘blackout’ — was everyday life. If you have no plumbing, you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes. Your means of communication with the outside world was what you heard from travelers.  If you use kerosene or animal fat instead of electricity for light, you have only yourself to blame for darkness instead of a power company or someone else in charge of your fate.
Laundry was done by hand. Food preserving, sweeping, chopping wood, mending, butter churning, stoking, soap making, and stove blacking were all done without the power company. Way back then, most of us worked most of the day. Now, most of us work most of the day. Then, people had at least some time for fun. Now, people have at least some time for fun. Then, homeowners had to work to keep insects and other pests out of the house. Now homeowners have to work to keep insects and other pests out of the house.
Before electricity, no one worried about the power going off. Now we buy generators and worry about having to use them. I guess it’s always a trade-off. As for me, I have candles and matches ready.

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