SSM Health major Emergency Dept renovation

September 13, 2021

The staff was in full swing cleaning, moving equipment and putting the final touches in the newly renovated 7,770 sq. ft. emergency department yesterday. Bishop Michael G. McGovern of the Belleville Diocese arrived for the blessing of the department, which is one of the final steps before the construction walls come down and the opening of the $5.5 million dollar renovated space.

“We are excited for our team to have a beautiful new emergency department that matches their passion, dedication and hard work not only during a pandemic but every day. It’s for all the nurses who walked the floors 100 years before us and for those who will walk 100 years after us. They deserve it and our community deserves it. We wanted an environment for them that is of healing, newness and regeneration while taking care of our community,” says Damon Harbison, President, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Centralia.

The SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation launched the TOGETH(ER) emergency department capital campaign to transform the overall emergency room (ER) experience at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Centralia in the summer of 2018. During the last 3 years the TOGETH(ER) campaign has raised $3 million dollars with the help of over 270 donors.

“The outpouring of generosity from this community, from the ministry’s own employees and volunteers, from those of us who live here, work here, and utilize this hospital’s services has absolutely humbled me every single day I’ve served as the leader of this capital campaign. Raising over $3 million in our region is phenomenal, and that we would be opening this beautiful, highly efficient and state of the art space for our care teams today, is a dream come true. Thank you to every single person who gave of their time and of course, of their financial generosity. We did it, because of you. This dream came true, because of all of you. To the staff of SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, we believe in you, we are so thankful for you. Congratulations on the opening and blessing of the new Emergency Department,” Kim McMillan, Togeth(ER) Campaign Chair, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Board Chair, and General Manager of Monken Chevrolet, Buick, GMC.

The Emergency Room renovation and expansion project included:

Addition of 2,200 square feet of new medical space.

Four rapid medical examination units for treatment of emergent, but more minor illnesses and injuries which expedites care and improves flow throughout the ER.

Dedicated room designed for treatment and containment of infectious disease.

Dedicated room designed specifically for pediatric patients.

Dedicated room designed specifically for sexually assaulted patients.

Two dedicated critical care rooms for the most severely ill patients.

Creation of four specialized “safe” rooms designed specifically for patients who present to the ER with behavioral health conditions.

Addition of a new decontamination room inside the ER for prompt and safe removal of harmful chemicals.

New ambulance entrance that is separate from the emergency room’s patient / visitor entrance to enhance privacy and patient flow.

Expanded and modernized visitor lobby and conference room designed for the family’s needs.

New staff lounge, ADA restrooms, larger doorways, expanded security office, landscaping and restoration of statues were also included in the renovation.

Artwork featuring flowers covered with morning dew was used as reminder that every day is a new day. In the Bible, dew is used to refer to blessings, favor, prosperity, resurrection, and long life.

We invite the community to view a virtual tour of the newly renovated emergency department at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Centralia that will soon be available for viewing online.

Pictured above: Bishop Michael G. McGovern of the Belleville Diocese, Father Steve Pautler of St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Centralia, and Jeff Stewart – Regional Director of Pastoral Care at SSM Health

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