Shriners Circus Coming To Salem

May 25, 2016

The Shriners Circus is Coming… Yes, it is that time of the year when you see the taming of the tigers and hear the roar of the crowds with laughter. The Ainad Shriners Circus returns to Southern Illinois beginning Saturday, June 4th and ending Sunday, June 12th. The Circus performances vary with each location. The annual circus parade will be on Friday, June 3rd in Belleville. The parade begins at 7:30 PM. Carden Circus International will bring tigers, elephants, ponies, dogs, clowns and contemporary acts to the three-ring stage. There will be heart pounding aerial and high wire acts with acrobats. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children and can be purchased at participating Southern Illinois Hucks locations, MotoMart Convenience Stores and Schnucks Supermarkets. Also, tickets may be purchased at the circus ticket window. The circus tickets may be used at any of the six circus locations: Belleville, Jerseyville, Fairfield, Olney, Salem and DuQuoin. Additional details are on the circus web site Ainad Shriners is a Masonic fraternal organization of 4,000 members across Southern Illinois who received their charter in 1913. These men in the “funny red hats” have a great time working together while enjoying fellowship. The members are involved in the community and have a common goal of helping others, especially children for 100 years. For more information on becoming a Shriner go to or call the Ainad Shrine Center business office at (618) 874-1870; toll free 888-567-1870. Proceeds of the circus benefit Ainad Shiners operations.

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