Sandoval FFA Visited Local AG Related Businesses

June 1, 2015
Sandoval FFA members and agriculture education students recently ended the school year by visiting local agriculture related businesses. The trip was sponsored by the Marion County Farm Bureau Agriculture in Classroom. Sandoval students began the day by stopping at Meyer’s dairy farm that is equipped with robotic milkers as well as lots of other technology.

Excel Bottling, where they make Ski soda, was a very neat business that the students enjoyed. Students were able to see the soda being made as well as it being bottled. Every student was excited to receive their very own bottle of Ski soda fresh off the line. Students enjoyed lunch at Wally’s and Dairy King in Breese.

After lunch, students found themselves taking a behind the scenes tour of Behrmann Meats and Processing facilty. Students were amazed to see the steps their food goes through from when the animal comes to the facility all the way to proper ways to package the meat before sale. The final tour of the day included visiting Ahner Florists and Greenhouses.. While at the florist/greenhouse, students were able to visit the greenhouses and learn more about horticulture.

All students had an excellent time learning more about the local agriculture businesses.


Kaitlyn Bates, Bethany Kunick and Haleigh Day making a purchase a Excel Bottling soda’s.


Students loved to see the baby dairy calves while visiting Meyer’s Dairy.

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