Politically Speaking – March 7, 2023

March 7, 2023

One of my children reminded me of a positive thing that’s going on and I had to agree. In my mind, it’s huge! Come to Jesus revivals are going on around the world. Many young people are seeing the light. It’s a movement happening in every direction.

Israel is in revival, with thousands in attendance for days and weeks. At Asbury University as well as other universities it’s been going on for close to a month. Kenya is the same as Israel.

Possibly this current movement can’t be stopped, not even by the progressives, I pray! I wish the time would come that I could write more about the positive instead of the negative. I couldn’t help but point out this wonderful moment. But in the meantime, I’ll sadly press on.

At the top of the list this week there are 12 lawmakers, including Democrats and Republicans, pushing Biden to give U.S. F-16 jets to Ukraine.

What are they thinking? We have sent billions of dollars in financial aid and equipment to Ukraine, only to have them want more and more. I’m all for humanity, but maybe they should be pressuring the U.N. to chip in and have all those mouthpieces that belong to the U.N. put in their fair share. I’m personally against another Vietnam War, and that’s what Ukraine is. Where are the European nations in all of this? This mess is going into its second year!

Out of those lawmakers pushing for getting more involved, three are Republicans and nine are Democrats. A request came from Kiev, Ukraine on Biden’s recent trip to Ukraine. He promised future military aid to the tune of $500 million. Is he out of his mind?

To follow up, here are Ludwig’s thoughts, well worth the read.

As I reflect on the stalemate that is forming in the Eastern region of Ukraine (Donbas and Crimea), I see the entrenchment of the infantries of Ukrainians and Russians. “More money, more weapons!”

I am reminded of the nations of Europe that sleep-walked into the Great War of 1914.

As the soldiers were mobilized, they remarked that this little conflict would be over in a short while and they would be home for Christmas.

But the muddy trenches of France became a meat grinder for the men who tested their new machines of war against each other.

Men walked into machine guns and explosive munitions rained down on each other.

The first victim of war is always the Truth. And the leaders began to believe their own lies.

In 1916, a million corpses rotted from the stupidity of a war that didn’t have to happen. The reasons for war were forgotten.

In the last years, an exhausted Europe received fresh cannon fodder from Woodrow Wilson to push for an armistice, as the

Russians succumbed to a Bolshevik Revolution and the world changed forever.

But perhaps the current conflict in Ukraine is more similar to the 1936 Spanish Civil War between the Nationalists and the Republicans.

A proxy war, where the Fascists and Nazis supplied men and arms to Franco, and the Communists supplied the Republicans.

A test of tactics and weapons that evolved as a prelude to the larger event that became World War II.

Time only favors China. The former Russian Empire is threatened by the continuous expansion of the EU and NATO, and both sides are posturing and supplying propaganda, while China is playing the long game, and holds the winning cards, if it can play them slowly. China is cultivating Iran, Turkey, and India, forming a new Eastern Axis as a counter to the West.

Biden has no real plan, and the only thing easy for him is spending our money to buttress NATO.

He hopes to use the war somehow to unify support for his Presidential run.

I see the blue-yellow flags displayed in the neighborhood and I shake my head, worrying over how this pressure can escape suddenly and a new dangerous global apocalypse may erupt in an unplanned surprise.

There is a peculiar sideshow with the Germans as they are distracted by their former pursuit of green energy. Policies that run counter to the ability to wage war. No nuclear, no coal, no natural gas is no longer feasible for the West. Climate Change policies will not win this war.
Thank you, Ludwig.
Next up, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is fired! My take on this is her own Democratic machine beat her. Make no mistake, they were behind this huge loss. It should have been her own lack of judgement, the rise in crime, her anti-police antics (of course, unless she needed them) and the fact she did a bad job all the way around. I’m personally glad she’s gone. But who’s the fair-haired child of the machine now? None other than Brandon Johnson, who wanted to defund the police years ago, a flaming socialist that makes Lightfoot look like a lightweight.
In my opinion, the machine and unions handpicked Johnson.
So who is he? First he’s a radical Marxist, according to many Chicagoans, and worse than Lightfoot, if that’s possible. Paul Vallas would be the best of the two left.
Until next week.

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