Part Time Job Fair to be Held August 31

August 5, 2022

The Innovation Hub, located at 123 S 10th Street, will host its first event on Wednesday, August 31st from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
A part time job fair will be held with prospective employers from a variety of industries on hand to meet with those looking for part time employment.

“In working with local businesses, we have found so many unable to fill their open positions whether they are full time or part time jobs,” said Jefferson County Development Director, Tony Iriti. “Regardless of the reasons and causes for workforce shortages, the fact remains that a solution needs to be found to keep our businesses operating at their optimal capacities.”

Iriti gathered a group to explore options for this event including the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, Mt. Vernon Tourism and the United Way of South Central Illinois.

“From a tourism perspective, we are interested in helping because our hospitality sector has been hit hard,” commented Mt. Vernon Tourism Director, Angela Schrum. “It takes a lot of staff to run a hotel or a restaurant and even more staff to provide excellent customer service.”

Understanding they would have to get creative in their plans for employment recruitment the group decided to think outside the box. JCDC Assistant Director, Brian Harland, added, “There have been a lot of job fairs, career fairs, walk-in interview opportunities, all over the region. We had to think of something different. Many factors are keeping some people from working whether it be childcare, transportation, etc. And with the price increases in everything from gas to groceries, some people who haven’t been in the workforce may need to return to supplement other income and maintain their standard of living.”

Whether a person is looking for a part time job as their only job or as a second job, the Part Time Job Fair will be a resource to help people find something that will work for them.

“Employers can no longer post a position and expect it to be filled without effort,” mentioned JCCC Director, Jamie Storey. “We plan to work with companies who participate in this endeavor to help them be innovative in their search. What might have been a fulltime job before might be broken up between two or three individuals looking for fewer hours now. What used to be an 8 to 5 job might need to flex to align more with hours kids are in school to allow a parent to drop off or pick up their kids.”

In addition to door prizes and job opportunities, Job Fair attendees can also learn about resources that can assist them with returning to work, getting their GED, resume’ reviews and more.

United Way of South Central Illinois Executive Director, Natalie Wellen, concludes, “For some people it is not just a matter of whether they want to work or not. Many obstacles can keep someone from being matched with a job. We plan to have entities at the Fair who can advise as to what resources might be available to assist in overcoming those obstacles.”

Businesses wishing to participate in the Fair can contact the JCCC at 618-242-5725 or email For more information about attending the Part Time Job Fair to check out available positions, visit or call the JCDC at 618-244-3554.

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