Leadership Training Series Offered for County Officials

March 21, 2016

An elected or appointed county leadership position may include a day of orientation and a dog-eared, 3-ring binder filled with meeting minutes and other outdated documents, but it rarely includes professional development.

The five-session Leadership Academy has been developed by the University of Illinois in partnership with United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) to provide leadership training for elected and appointed county officials. For anyone seeking to manage and lead more effectively, the academy offers a learning network and a connection to cutting-edge information.

“The curriculum is designed for county officials who want to explore new ideas and learn practical methods that are relevant to current issues, challenges, and opportunities across the state,” says University of Illinois Assistant Dean Anne H. Silvis. “The five interactive sessions are structured to allow participants to learn, share, and apply on a variety of topics.”

The first session is April 22-23 on the U of I campus. The remaining four sessions will take place at the iHotel and Conference Center in Urbana on the following dates: May 7, June 18, July 16, and August 26-27.

Session titles include: Leadership Fundamentals, Improving Your Management Skills, Building an Effective Team, Managing Change, Fundamentals of Economic Development, Managing Generational Differences, Ethical Considerations, Data-Driven Decision Making, Leadership Styles and Crisis Communications.

The training series will conclude with a graduation ceremony and dinner on Oct. 14 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield.

Completion of the academy requires active participation at no fewer than four of the five sessions and completion of an essay or final project. Those who complete the academy will receive a certificate of achievement from the University of Illinois, and be recognized at a graduation reception and ceremony.

There are no fees for meals, materials, or lodging, but those who want to participate must apply. Participation is limited to 30 individuals. The deadline to apply is April

For more information and to apply, contact Anne H. Silvis at 217-333-5126 or asilvis@illinois.edu.

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