KC Staffer Making a Difference to Students

May 14, 2020

There are many Kaskaskia College staff members who are going above and beyond when it comes to assisting students during the Covid Pandemic and Shelter at Home. KC’s Director of Workforce Engagement, Nic Farley, is just one of those staffers who is assisting.

Student Bill O’Bryan is a non-traditional student who was having difficulty in getting his speeches uploaded to his class in Blackboard or through email to his Speech instructor David Quinn. Professor Quinn contacted Nic Farley, who lives in the same community, to see if he could help. After working with Mr. O’Bryan on a couple of methods, Farley went to the student’s house. Practicing safe distancing, Farley stayed outside Mr. O’Bryan’s home and successfully downloaded his video. He then traveled to Professor Quinn’s home, and again staying more the six feet away, uploaded the speech from his phone to Professor Quinn’s mobile device, thereby helping the student turn in his assignment.

KC Professor of Theatre, David Quinn, says of Farley, “I know Nic, like all of us is working for KC at home, along with helping out our community by making masks. Even though I know he has a lot on his plate, I reached out to him to assist Bill. His only solution was to go outside the student’s house, practicing safe distancing, and sync the phones up to get the speech to his phone. He then stood at the entrance to my porch and he did the same with his phone and my iPad, and presto, there was the speech. A really good speech too”.

O’Bryan says, “I am not the brightest bulb with technology. I know enough to get by and get into trouble and that is about it. Once all the classes went online, I didn’t think it would be a big problem. I’ve learned how to use word, make power points and all that jazz so assumed it would all be along those lines. I was way off on that assumption once the phone and computer working together became part of the equation. For days I fought trying to get the video sent from my iPhone to my computer. Nothing but aggravation, and homework falling farther behind by the day. I contacted my instructor, Professor Quinn and asked for some extra time to get my assignment completed. He immediately understood that I needed guidance. He gave my number to a one of his co-workers, Nic Farley and soon after I received a text from Nic asking if I still needed help and of course, I gladly accepted his offer. We attempted to transfer video via email and Facebook messenger, both failed to send the data. The next morning, I received another call from him offering to come over and try another method, called AIRDROP. Within 20 minutes he pulled into my driveway, taught me what AIRDROP was, how to use it, and before we knew it the video was received and sent to Professor Quinn”.

O’Bryan went on to say that the extra help received was more than he could ever expect. “His actions were SO much more than I could have expected from anyone. I can’t be more thankful to him and others at Kaskaskia for showing a little bit of goodness shining thru during a pretty bleak time”.

KC President, George Evans says, “Nic is committed to this college and the staff and students. He has proven that over the past ten years by going above and beyond on several occasions with examples like this one. We appreciate him and are eternally grateful. It’s people like Nic who make Kaskaskia College so special when compared to other schools”.

O’Bryan also sent accolades to KC staffers Michele Hill and Laura Vahlkamp who also came to his aid. “It’s beyond refreshing to know that Kaskaskia’s slogan ‘Success Starts Here’ isn’t just a slogan, but something the staff tries to live by. Kudos to everyone”.