Jefferson County Tax second distribution

November 18, 2021

Jefferson County Treasurer Bob Watt has announced the second distribution of 2020 property taxes collected. The total distribution of more than $14million will be transmitted electronically on Tuesday November 23, 2021 meaning the taxing districts will see the deposits into their bank accounts by November 24. The final distribution of real estate and mobile home taxes will occur following the annual tax sale which is scheduled for January 6, 2022.

Nearly 70% of all property taxes collected goes to fund education, and the balance goes to various other taxing districts within, or adjoining the county. The property taxes that are collected annually stay mostly within Jefferson County, and are used for the benefit of the residents of Jefferson County – none of it is sent to Springfield, Illinois, or to Washington D.C.

For a complete distribution listing you may contact the Jefferson County Treasurer at 618-244-8010.

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