Jefferson County Health Department offers STI test

March 10, 2023

Jefferson County Health Department would like to educate and protect you and your loved ones. We are now offering chlamydia and gonorrhea testing. The health department is aware that some individuals are apprehensive to talk about SEXually transmitted infections. Most STIs are without symptoms, increasing the risk of disease and chronic pain if not treated. A confidential phone line is now available to answer any STI questions via call or text at 618-316-1042.

• Almost half of STIs are among youth aged 15-24 in the United States.
• Illinois ranks number 12 with the highest number of chlamydia cases in the United States.
• Gonorrhea cases have increased 111% since the historical low in 2009.
• Syphilis dropped to a historic low in 2000 but is increasing rapidly every year.

Jefferson County Health Department also offers expedited partner treatment for those who have been exposed to an STI. Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing are available Monday-Thursday during normal business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

• Treatment included
• Pregnancy test included
• Protection included
• Education and counseling included

Please contact our office for any questions or information concerning STI testing or counseling at 618-244-7134. We are located at 4102 S. Water Tower Place in Mt. Vernon.

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