homestead exemption renewal forms mailed

February 15, 2021

Marion County Supervisor of Assessments Mark Miller has announced the 2021 senior citizen homestead renewal forms and senior assessment freeze forms have been mailed and the deadline for returning them is April 30. Considering the current delays in mail delivery, please allow up to 14 days to receive the forms. Completed forms may be dropped off in Room 101 of the Marion County Courthouse in Salem. Miller is encouraging everyone to return forms by mail this year as COVID-19 continues to be a major health concern, especially for seniors.

A reminder as well for anyone turning 65 in 2021. If you are the owner of record for your home, occupy it as your primary residence, and are age 65 or older, you are eligible for the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption. If you are turning 65 in 2021, you must apply for this exemption in person at your local township office or at the Marion County Supervisor of Assessments office. You will need to provide proof of your birth date with a driver’s license or other valid identification. Regardless of your actual date of birth, you can apply anytime during 2021.

With the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption, the assessed value of your home will be lowered by $5,000. This results in a reduction in property taxes of approximately $350-500 depending on the tax rate for your property.

In addition to the Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption, seniors with a total combined household income of $65,000 or less are also eligible for the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption It allows the existing assessed value of your home to remain “frozen” in future years, even if the assessor determines the value of your home should increase in coming years, as long as your income continues to remain at or below $65,000. If the value of your home goes down in the coming years, this new lower value will become your new “frozen” value. This exemption freezes your assessed value, NOT your real estate taxes. The tax rate can change each year based on the levy of each taxing body. Every year going forward, you must complete this form and provide proof that your income continues to remain at or below $65,000. Unlike in years past, there is no longer a requirement this form be notarized.

If you do not receive your renewal forms by Feb. 22 or have any questions, please contact the Supervisor of Assessments office at 548-3853 between the hours of 8 a.m.–4 p.m.