First COVID-19 vaccinations at SSM Good Samaritan

December 22, 2020

History was made last Wednesday afternoon as COVID-19 vaccinations arrived at SSM Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon and were promptly given. RN Jennifer Luer administered the shot to the first of three individuals, Thejeswi Pujar MD. Doctor Pujar volunteered to be first to set the example of the safety and effectiveness in taking the vaccine. He feels that some of the best minds in the field of medicine have been involved in creating this vaccine.

Doctor Pujar was followed by RNs Peggy Shuler (ED) and Brittany Dominguez (float nurse). Over a three day period the hospital hoped to vaccinate approximately 325 individuals.

Doctor Pujar attended medical school in India and did a US residency at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, CA. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been on staff since April 2014.

Pictured above: Thejeswi Pujar, MD

Brittany Dominguez, RN

Peggy Shuler, RN