Field School Accelerated Reading Program

May 26, 2016
Field School 3rd – 5th grade students participated in the Accelerated Reading Program.  Students pictured received the highest percentage and highest points in each class for the month of May.  Also pictured are students that received the highest points, highest percentage and the highest lexile average for the entire school year in each class.
 Top Row (L-R)
 Jesse Mills, Brian Needy, Mason Randall, Carter Shook, Blake Greenwalt, Cheyenne Needy, Hannah Miller
 Klayton Simmons, Maddux Randall, Finley Clugston, Kodie Van Eycke, Mylze Willis, Elias Mullinax, Devan Travis,  Aliya Williams
 Gauge Taylor, Mercedes Kimpel, Cohen Crawford, Gage Cutler, Kaleigh Brumley, Faith Hayes, Sydney DeVous, JJ Smith, Joey Catalana, Zach Buchman
Bottom Row (L-R)
Calli Robinson, Aiden Bean, Connor Reaney, Peyton Julius, Zaidee Mick, Ruby Seaman, Olivia Schrum

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