Centralia Lake algaecide treatment

June 1, 2021

With warming air and water temperatures, it is the season to treat ponds and lakes with an algaecide to prevent growth of nuisance algal blooms and cyanobacteria (also known as “blue-green algae”) blooms.

The City of Centralia will be applying a commercial algaecide known as EarthTec® at Lake Centralia. This product is registered with USEPA as an approved algaecide and bactericide. The liquid product will be spray-applied to the water surface. The application rate is intended to yield approximately 0.1 parts per million Copper ion into the top 2 ft. of the water column. The Copper inhibits growth of nuisance algae and “blue-green algae”.

The 0.1 parts per million Copper dosage is far below the maximum 1 part per million copper dosage for this purpose. The Copper dosage is not considered to be harmful to humans or fish.
The City anticipates applying the algaecide on multiple occasions depending on water quality parameters such as pH and dissolved oxygen concentration, in addition to observing visual conditions such as presence of floating biomass potentially comprised of aquatic plant growth such as nuisance algal and “blue-green algae” blooms.

For more information, please contact the Centralia Manager’s Office at 618-533-7623.

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