Centralia Fire Chief John Lynch to retire

May 17, 2022

After almost 25 years of service, on May 12, 2022, Chief John Lynch announced his intent to retire on May 27, 2022 from the City of Centralia. Chief Lynch joined the department in 1997, rose through the ranks, and was appointed Fire Chief on January 15, 2018.

While serving as Chief, John Lynch has worked to improve relationships with the surrounding departments to ensure they were working together for the public and for the department’s safety. The department purchased two fire trucks, bought a hose washing machine, hose roller, replaced outdated equipment, remodeled, and repaired both stations, added a fire inspector, an arson investigator, and updated the reporting program.

Chief Lynch stated, “I believe I am leaving the department in good hands and in better shape than when I took the position.” Chief Lynch added, “It took a team to accomplish our goals. It was not the fire chief alone. I truly believe the men that make up your Centralia Fire Department are some of the best in the profession.” He expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to serve his community, provide for his family, and build a career in the city that he will always call home.

City Manager Smith, Mayor Kuder and the city council wish Chief Lynch the best as he pursues the next chapter in his career with the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office. City Manager Smith stated, “Chief Lynch’s career has been dedicated to the safety of the residents of the City of Centralia. We would like to thank him for his tireless efforts to educate the community on fire safety, his leadership of the department and commitment to the City of Centralia.”

Pictured above is Centralia Fire Chief John Lynch.

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