KC Boards Meets for Special Session

March 14, 2016

The Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees met Wednesday, March 9 for a special session. Board members include John W. Hawley (Odin), Linda Stover (Centralia), Jack Mays (Centralia), Dee Boswell (Centralia), Laura Wedekemper (Shattuc), Kelly Bennett (Irvington), and Student Trustee Kimberly Daum (Centralia).

Due to the lack of a State budget and resulting lack of state revenue dollars, the College Board of Trustees has approved a resolution to extend the current collective bargaining agreements for twelve months from their current expiration dates. KCFT has approved this extension, and extension is under consideration by KCTOP and the Carpenter’s Union.

The Board also approved a resolution for the College to participate in an electricity and natural gas buying group. The Greater Centralia Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Affordable Gas and Electric Company, LLC to offer chamber members an opportunity to save on purchases of electricity and natural gas. The College Administration has researched the provision and has found the results to be favorable. As a member of the chamber, KC plans to pursue entering the group to receive reduced pricing, estimated at an annual savings of $23,000. Participation is planned to begin in October, 2016.

Based on continued financial challenges resulting from the State budget impasse, the Board also approved a resolution on the elimination of the Automotive Collision Technology Program and approved Reductions in Force (RIF) for a full-time KCTOP employee and a full-time faculty member.

To improve the fiscal bottom-line of the Truck Driver Training program, a $500 fee was approved by the Board. Even with this addition, KC’s 4 week program remains very comparable to community colleges and is less expensive than private training companies. KC’s TDT program is available in a 4 week or 8 week offering, with the 8 week format including the Hazardous Material Endorsement, and it is eligible for federal financial aid!

In other personnel issues, the Board approved the retirement of Diana Hansen, Associate Professor of Art, and denied tenure for one full-time faculty member.

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