Kaskaskia College Professor Josh Woods Releases Novel

March 9, 2018

Kaskaskia College English Professor, Josh Woods of Carlyle, has released his novel The Black Palace.

The novel is a supernatural thriller in a world of modern fantasy.  According to the book’s synopsis, some call it a hidden fortress, others a labyrinth of myth, a trackless mystery. Even the witches, who built it and keep it shut, fear that through the ages it has come alive.  When a sleek field agent in the Witchfinders Union, DiFranco, leads her supernatural SWAT team on a raid inside to find one of their own, bringing along a witch’s young maidservant as their prisoner-guide. Yet once across that uncanny threshold, they must confront another world of grand secrets, where strange destinies are woven with theirs, where other desires are at work. They soon learn that you don’t get into the Black Palace unless it wants you in, and the same goes for getting out.

Author Josh Woods has published genre and literary short stories in numerous journals, magazines, and collections, and has edited three books of anthologized fiction. He has also published essays about techniques and strategies for writing fiction. He teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and College Composition at Kaskaskia College.

Acclaimed author Pinckney Benedict says of The Black Palace, “This utterly original novel expertly blends profound supernatural terror, swashbuckling action, honest human emotion, brutal violence, and blunt good humor. The smartest, scariest, and most surprising book I’ve read in ages.”

For more information on author, Josh Wood, please visit his website at:  https://joshwoodsauthor.com/.  The book is available for purchase on www.Amazon.com.

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