Castle Ridge Event Center nears completion

April 6, 2021

The much anticipated opening of “The Castle” at the Castle Ridge development site on Raccoon Lake in Centralia is almost here. Greg Sutton, Castle Ridge Director of Operations, said that the first floor restaurant will be doing a “soft opening” sometime next month and the rooftop restaurant should be following in June.

Viewing the outside and inside of “The Castle” will be a unique experience in itself with the castle stone, moat, drawbridge and turrets, and the 1,800 seat Grand Hall with balcony, huge windows and exposed wooden beams. The construction of the building was positioned around the sunset views on the lake. Melissa Roach, Castle Ridge Event Director, commented that besides the weddings and other events booked for 2021, they have now extended into 2022. “Currently, we have booked a client seven hours away in Eastern Tennessee.”

Sutton said the ultimate goal is to become a destination location for Centralia, primarily targeting an audience within a four hour radius, which accounts for 20 million people to draw from.
Many additions are planned on the Castle Ridge development property. They include an outdoor amphitheater holding between 1,000-2,000 people, a kayaking facility and marina, cabins and lodges.

A longer range plan is a five level parking garage and a 150 room motel overlooking the lake.

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