Advertising Information

Is your company looking to advertise on the Internet? If you have a business and you want to reach more customers, you can take advantage of The Weekly’s low-cost internet ads. Give your customers what they want by having a sound presence online. If you already advertise in the Shoppers Weekly Papers, reaching 20,000 homes and business across Southern Illinois, you can get more of what it takes to make your business grow by advertising on The Weekly Online as well!  The Weekly Online features daily local news updates and an online archive of current and past papers for readers who don’t receive a paper at home.  In addition to that, readers can follow The Weekly on Facebook and Twitter which brings more readers to the site and more potential customers to your site through your advertising. There are three size options to choose from. Give us a call at 618-533-7283 or 1-800-479-6323 or drop her an email at to find out which one might be right for you.