SINA members hear about chocolate, oil and human services

January 31, 2019

Southern Illinois Networking Association met at the Centralia Recreation Complex on January 17. President Mike Chambers called the meeting to order. Prayer was led by Tom Schwartz followed by the Pledge.

A round table discussion was held with all members present updating what is happening in the community as well as in their businesses.

Julie Lorence was introduced as the speaker. Her presentation was entitled “What You Don’t Know about Julie’s Businesses!”

Lorence began her presentation discussing one of her businesses selling the world’s finest chocolate. She then continued talking about another business, Doterra Oils. She discussed products that Doterra has that many people do not know they carry. Samples were given to all present.

Lorence then led into her position as marketing director at SPERO in Mt. Vernon. She talked about her job as well as upcoming events that she has planned. She proceeded to play a trivia game about SPERO to see what the members really knew about SPERO. She gave out chocolates for prizes. All winners enjoyed the chocolate.

SPERO is having their annual sponsorship appeal. Please contact Julie Lorence at SPERO if you would like to be a sponsor for 2019. SPERO’S mission is to offer hope, help, and healing by providing Christ-centered human services to meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Programs offered at SPERO include spiritual life; child welfare services (foster care, youth homes, transitional living, and SPERO Academy) and community services (Best Beginnings/Nurse-Family Partnerships, Bright Start Child Care, Family Foundations, Wrap Around, Counseling and Wellness Center, and Mental Health Juvenile Justice.)