SINA hears Mike Chambers on trusts

October 2, 2019

Southern Illinois Networking Association met on September 26 at the Centralia Recreation Complex. The organization welcomed Mandy Albers as a new member.

Everyone in attendance shared all of the events happening within Centralia and the surrounding communities.

The upcoming membership drive will be held on November 2 at 6 p.m. at the Centralia Recreation Complex. A light dinner will be provided. This is a great time for potential new members as well as former members to come and get to know people in local businesses. SINA provides a great opportunity for getting potential referrals for local businesses.

The speaker for the day was SINA President Mike Chambers. Chambers spoke about the many trusts that the bank handles. Mike gave a very informative presentation that would seem to help everyone in attendance in some way.

Consider becoming a member of Southern Illinois Networking Association. Everyone is invited to a local meeting as well as the November 2 membership drive.

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