Osborn named Officer of the Year

January 31, 2019

By Tesa Glass

MT. VERNON — The Mt. Vernon Officer of the Year Award for 2018 has been presented to Officer Jeremy Osborn.

“During this past year, Capt. Chris Webb came to us with one of his nominations who happens to be an eight-year veteran of the Mt. Vernon Police Department,” Page said during the presentation on Tuesday, Jan. 22. “This young man is a member of the High Risk Team. He also has been a field training officer for approximately five years for the department. During these five years, he’s trained approximately 20 new officers and does a very good job. He is one of the go-to field training officers for the department.”

Page said the recipient of the annual award is nominated by the command staff and chosen by a committee made up of the chief, assistant chief and a member of the union.

“Any sworn officer of the Mt. Vernon Police Department who has demonstrated outstanding skill, ability and professionalism in the performance of his or her duties, is eligible for this award,” Page said, reading from the award requirements. “To be nominated for the Mt. Vernon Police Officer of the Year Award, (an officer) must display a combination of the following qualifications or characteristics: Outstanding contribution in the area of assignment, exceptional knowledge and the ability to complete the job functions, overall productivity, civic contributions and personal appearance and demeanor.”

Page said in January, nominations are accepted for the previous year.
“We go out to all the shift commanders and corporals, sergeants, captains and ask for nominations for officers of the year,” Page said. “It can be a very difficult process for the shift commanders to find that one person they want to nominate.”

After nominations are received, they are evaluated by the committee and chosen.

“We have a vote to determine and select whichever candidate we choose best meets the department’s criteria,” Page said.