Kaskaskia College Criminal Justice Students Learn Crime Scene Investigation

September 5, 2019

Kaskaskia College Criminal Justice Students learned a lot on day one of their Introduction to Investigations class.

As students entered the Kaskaskia College Criminal Justice classroom for the first time as student investigators, they were quizzed about their steps in a crime scene scenario.

Questions were raised to the students by Professor Ken Ingersoll relating to safety to immediately check for intruders who may still be present; securing the scene; calling for assistance either to assist in securing the scene or assistance with the crime scene investigation; and other questions relating to EMS, Coroner, Crime Scene Technicians, photographs, fingerprints, and completing the crime scene checklist.

Students were quizzed on who this unconscious and possible dead person could be. He could be identified as the homeowner or the intruder. Has the body been moved? Is the handgun loaded and was a shot(s) fired or was the gun placed in his hand? How the knife was driven into the back of the neck, and other physical evidence questions were asked.

In this course, students will have hands-on training with a group project relating to a crime scene investigation where they will be responsible to investigate the scene, collect prints, collect physical evidence, photograph, interview possible witnesses, and complete a preliminary investigation to the cause of the crime.

Additionally, in this class, students will learn how to roll prints on print cards, identify print classifications, and lift prints from items.

Welcome to Kaskaskia College Criminal Justice! If you are interested in this field, contact Program Coordinator, Professor Kenneth Ingersoll at kingersoll@kaskaskia.edu or call 618-545-3336.