Yesteryear’s Memories: Harvest Time

October 15, 2020

     The Harvest Moon has come and gone. The settlers in Southern Illinois have watched many harvests  over the years and  experienced lean years as well as abundant years. The wide array of people came from different countries and cultures, and therefore we have inherited many customs and folklore.

     The Harvest Moon itself is generally considered the full moon closest to the autumn equinox – when the days and nights are approximately equal. In 2020 it occurred September 22nd.  This moon event  has also been called the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon, and by native Americans as the Elk Moon. It usually is large and colorful due to the Earth’s tilt in the fall.  Some still call it the Full Corn Moon, and it is a time for apple cider and bonfires and good food. Pies and breads are always featured. 

     Keep in mind the lore of the time – “Don’t stare at the moon or you will become a lunatic”. –  Open your wallet in the fall moonshine and say, ‘full’ for money. –  “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.

       All in all, harvest time should be a time to reap the benefits of a year of work – whether it be in the fields, the garden, office, or in whatever you labor at. So sit back, enjoy a little bonfire, sip some crisp cider, and remember the many years of harvest that made our country possible. And enjoy the fall evenings but don’t stare at the moon. Or howl. It’ll scare the neighbors.